Substitute Gatekeepers
Substitute Gatekeepers

Substitute Gatekeeper List:  paid sub rate is $20 per hour

  • Karen Neilson 925.683.3367   (text preferred)
  • Crystal Olig 508.395.4043        (text preferred)
  • Ellie Parks 408.677.9570           (text preferred)
  • Jill Ridlehoover 206.383.5455 (text preferred)
  • Nishant Shailendra 925.286.9421 (text preferred)
  • Robert Giles 925.949.6071       (text preferred)
  • Ashley Szwiec (815)999-7680 

If you have a conflict with your assigned shift, you are responsible for finding a replacement.  Many families find it convenient to switch shifts with each other. If you prefer to hire a paid substitute, feel free to utilize the above list (subs are paid $20/hour).  Please pay subs directly.

Please UPDATE THE MASTER GATEKEEPER SCHEDULE with any schedule changes so the correct person can receive the reminder call.

Note: Gatekeepers are legally required to be at least 21 years of age.

Email Gatekeeper Specialist if you have any questions.

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