Do I need to enter a party reservation if all attendees are members?
Yes.  If you plan a gathering of more than 12 total people counting your family and other members or guests, you need to reserve a party at least 10 days in advance.  This is needed to ensure we have enough lifeguards to ensure safety at the pool.

How do I reserve the picnic area?
Picnic area is reserved the same way as a party reservation.

Can I update the Party Calendar with my party if there are no other parties listed for that time?
Yes, Please enter your party on the calendar online.

There is one party entered on the day that I would like to have my party. Why can I not enter my party at the end time of the previous party?
The online Party Reservation System requires one half hour between parties. This allows the previous party time to clean up prior to your party starting.

If I do not want to reserve the picnic area, do I need to enter the party on the online Party Reservation System?
Yes. The party coordinator is responsible for making sure there are enough lifeguards to ensure safety at the club and requesting a party is how this is managed.

Will there be an extra lifeguard for my party?
For the safety of your guest swimmers, the party coordinator will schedule a lifeguard as needed.

How much does it cost to reserve a party?
Your account will be charged $60 for the total cost of the party for the first two hours, which covers the lifeguard cost if needed.  Each additional hour is $30.  Guest fees will be charged separately.

Do I need to find my own lifeguard for my party?
No. The party coordinator and the Lifeguard board member do all the scheduling for the lifeguards. If they are unable to find a lifeguard, you will need to pick a different date for your party.

Can there be more than one party at the club at one time?
The club prefers only one party at a time so the club is available for its members. Sometimes, provided both parties agree and the total number at both parties is manageable by the lifeguards on duty and the parties are during non-peak times. The Party Coordinator will have to schedule the 2nd party. Two parties are not allowed on the online Party Reservation System.

Can I bring a jumper to the club for my party?
Yes, provided you have an adult standing near the jumper AT ALL TIMES to ensure safety and you allow other children that are not part of the party to jump as well.

Can I bring outside entertainment to the club for my party?
Yes. Magicians, clowns, mermaids, etc. are welcome. Please note that if you bring in entertainment then all children at the club are welcome to participate with the entertainment not just the children invited to the party. In order to honor our neighbors, bands are not usually permitted except for special occasions at the club.

Can I have a keg at my party?
No, OGSC does not allow kegs at the club.

Can I have a party at the club when the pool is not open?
It is not possible to have a party in the pool area at the club when the pool is not open due to insurance and safety reasons. You can have a party in the playground area anytime during the year, but please note that there are no restrooms available unless the pool is open.

Can I open the pool during non-pool hours just for my party?
No. The club does not allow members to request that the pool be open just for a private party.

How many people can I have at my party?
During peak times, parties can have no more than 24 total people including members and guests.  Parties 25-40 must be scheduled during off-peak times and you may be required to bring your own tables/chairs and set up in the grass area outside the pool area. Friday, Saturday, Sundays and Holidays are the peak times for our pool so LARGE parties are NOT allowed on those days in order to best accommodate our membership.